Fredericksburg SHINES

Leading the Way in Sustainability

Community Initiatives and Resources

Here you can find easy-to-follow tips and resources that will help you make a difference in your community. Don’t know where to start? Try 12 Tips for Green Living or the Green Living Book List. Need assistance in implementing green living practices? Our services might be right for you. Wondering how faith communities have fared with going green?   Check out our  After Action Reports  as chronicled in two different churches in the Midwest and Texas.

We have identified the following community initiatives as foundational to Fredericksburg actually leading the state of Texas in sustainable practices.   You are invited to check out each initiative and the accompanying resource pages. Perhaps your next step may be to get involved with us by joining a subcommittee tasked with turning these initiatives from “pipe dreams” into reality. Contact  us  to volunteer and join the effort to make Fredericksburg and the surrounding area the center of sustainability in Texas!