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Worm Composting Workshop

The Green Team at First Evangelical Free Church of Chicago held a two hour urban composting workshop on Sunday, August 17th in part because of requests from people in the community that we met at our previous outdoor stall during Midsommarfest. Approximately 30 people attended our clinic, mostly people from the community. We discussed the benefits of and various options for composting and created a workshop experience where people built and took home their very own worm composting bins. We also gave away free CFL bulbs, and lunch bags from the Police Department.

The attendees enjoyed using the electric drills and torn newspapers to build compost bins, which they were able to take home. Most of the people who came were from the community and had not been in our church before. A majority of them came because of the notice on our church’s marquee sign; others came because of Craig’s List and our community email distribution list that we had launched at Midsommarfest.

The Eco-Andersonville E-zine covered our event, writing:

"The [Urban composting seminar] was pretty well received, with around 30 people from the church and community attended. "¦The Green Living team"¦led the seminar breaking out into an overview of various composting techniques and specific how-tos related to worm composting. At the end of the seminar, seven people took the opportunity to put together their own worm bill with all materials and tools provided. Just add worms to start! The kids in attendance loved checking out the worms in the demonstration worm bin, so people of all ages were able to take something away from the seminar."

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