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A-Z Recycling in Fredericksburg

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling Opportunities in Fredericksburg (and nearby)

Let’s aim for Zero Waste in all of our communities.

Before you throw that item in the trash or make a trip to the Landfill, consider the alternatives.

Reducing our purchases:

Before one considers reusing or even recycling items, it seems prudent to consider the purchasing one does in the first place.   Whenever possible take a proactive eco-friendly approach and  purchase items that can be recycled locally and buy items that don’t have excessive packaging.   Consider if the purchase even needs to be made; for instance two friends or neighbors may want to share certain garden tools or implements that aren’t needed for everyday use.   Books might be borrowed from the local library and only purchased when reuse is expected.  For more ideas, click general information about minimizing waste.

Reusing opportunities
Based on current information, the following items are listed in alphabetical order, along with the location where that reuse  occurs.   Please contact us with updated content and names of items,  businesses and non-profits that should be added to or subtracted from this list.

  • Books-H.E.B. and Goodwill.   Chase Bank is sometimes a drop off site for books that will be given to children admitted to the Hill Country hospital emergency room. Also, the Pioneer Memorial Library accepts donations of good quality used or new books, tapes, DVDs, etc. year round for their annual book sale.
  • Brush-City Landfill.  Charges apply.
  • Clothes buttons – Hill Country Dry Clean Supercenter
  • Egg cartons and small fruit containers.   Members of Bountiful Sprout online market may drop them off at the Peach Basket.
  • Eyeglasses.   These should be dropped off at any of the Knopp  senior centers.   Lions Club members will then clean them and distribute them to impoverished communities around the world.
  • Flower water tubes.   These plastic tubes hold water in flower arrangements and can be dropped off at Blumenhandler Florist.
  • Glass containers and bottles.   Click here to learn about multiple reuses.
  • Home and Commercial Building materials (unused) and many interior furnishings, plumbing and electrical fixtures, appliances, kitchenware, appliances for indoors and for outdoor lawn care-Habitat for Humanity ReStore  (in Kerrville)
  • Ink cartridges.   These will be refilled and remanufactured after being dropped off at St. Mary’s Catholic School, Fredericksburg Printing & Office Supply, Walmart, Office Max in Kerrville, and Goodwill Industries.  Goodwill also takes toner cartridges.
  • Mattresses.  They must have no stains and no tears.   Hill Country Memorial (Hospice) Thrift Shop.
  • Medical equipment.   Hill Country Memorial Hospital Hospice  Thrift Store in Fredericksburg takes most types.   Best to call in advance to be sure that item can be reused.   Proceeds support Hill Country Memorial Hospital.
  • Medications.   These unused medicines will be distributed to those in need after being dropped off at the Good Samaritan center.   They can only take  medications if they are in the  manufacturer’s sealed packaging and have not expired.
  • Pet equipment and supplies (including crates, dog houses, old towels, blankets, and pillows) may be dropped off at the Trudy Brune Hill Country SPCA  
  • Plastic grocery bags.  Fredericksburg Food Pantry
  • Rugs.  Goodwill Industries.  Other thrift stores may take them as well.
  • Toys.  Hill Country CARES.  Thrift stores may them as well.
  • Water.   This precious commodity should be reused whenever possible.   Click here  to learn more.
  • Wine corks.   They may be dropped off at Spec’s Liquor in Kerrville or Grape Juice restaurant in Kerrville and are reused by local artists.
  • Many, many items!.   There is a Fredericksburg freecycle group where members may advertise goods that they wish to get rid of that others may enjoy for free.    The  local Boys and Girls club will take donations of many items.   Contact them for  details.   Also contact your local charity and see if  you have items already on their “wish list”.   Holy Ghost Lutheran Church also sponsors a freecycle twice a year and takes many donated items. Several non-profits thrift stores also take items for reuse including:   St. Vincent De Paul Society,  Hill Country SPCA Resale Store, Goodwill Industries,  Hill Country Memorial (Hospice) Thrift Shop, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore  (in Kerrville).
Conveniently located and staffed by helpful employees

Conveniently located and staffed by helpful employees

Recycling opportunities
The city of Fredericksburg has devoted considerable staff and financial resources to provide recycling and safe disposal options.    Some local businesses are also offering recycling as a community service.    Based on current information, the following items are listed in alphabetical order, along with the location where that recycling occurs.   Please contact us with updated content and names of items,  businesses and non-profits that should be added to or subtracted from this list.

  • 6 pack rings-H.E.B.
  • Aluminum Cans-City Recycling Center, FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash).   Can’t make it to City Recycling Center?   Contact Kris Kammlah for convenient pickup for a nominal fee.
  • Appliances (refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, dishwashers, hair dryers, water softeners, etc.)FBG Metal Recycling will take all appliances-large and small, even those with freon, and also  window units and air conditioners  (will pay cash), City landfill–charges may apply with refrigerators and freezers
  • Appliances (light household and kitchen appliances:    toasters, blenders, coffee makers, microwaves) will also be accepted, in either gently used or non-working condition)-Goodwill, (appliances in working condition)
  • Auto parts-Chassis by Zach
  • Batteries for households-Walmart (currently in the Photo  department), FBG Metal Recycling.   They will take all kinds of batteries (lithium, nickel-cadmium, and alkaline).
  • Batteries for households (rechargeable)-Radio Shack, FBG Metal Recycling,  Lowes (Kerrville)
  • Batteries for autos-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash), Chassis by Zack, Walmart (Automotive department), they also take lead acid batteries for:   lawn & garden, powersport, marine, and commercial, Autozone (offer store credit) City landfill for a nominal fee.
  • Bicycle tubes, tires, and other bicycle materials-Jack & Adam’s Bicycles
  • Brass-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Cardboard  (corrugated)  -City recycling center.   Can’t make it to City Recycling Center?   Contact Kris Kammlah for convenient pickup for a nominal fee.
  • Car tires-City landfill
  • Cell phones-Hill Country Needs Council (each cell phone supports their mission of serving the needy) AT&T Store, Radio Shack, FBG Metal Recycling, , Hill Country CARES, Best Buy
  • Cell phone power adapters-AT&T Store
  • Cereal boxes-City Recycling Center.   Can’t make it to City Recycling Center?   Contact Kris Kammlah for convenient pickup for a nominal fee.
  • Christmas lights-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Christmas trees  (curbside pickup)-City trash collection.   May also be taken to City Recycling Center.   Trees should be free of wire, screws, or metals of any kind.
  • Clothing-most resale shops, including Goodwill.   Goodwill also takes unwearable clothing with stains, holes, etc.
  • Coat hangers, safety pins, collar stays, and plastic garmet bags – Hill Country Dry Clean Supercenter
  • Computers and accessories-Goodwill (click here for details), FBG Metal Recycling, Best Buy
  • Construction lumber with metal in it-City Landfill.   They will not accept trusses, but they will accept all other lumber types. then mulch the wood and sell it to the general public.
  • Cooking oil-Griffin Industries (commercial services)
  • Copper-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Dry Cleaning bags-H.E.B
  • Electronics (all electronics)-Goodwill, FBG Metal Recycling–they also maintain a large metal bin at the City Landfill (except televisions).
  • Farm equipment (bulldozers, tractors, plows, etc.)-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Fence wire and metal posts-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Fluorescent light bulbs (including CFLs)-Home Depot and Hill Country Lighting Center.   Home Depot  recycles CFLs only.
  • Glass (all colors, no separation necessary)-Nothing local at this time.   Check back later for future developments.
  • Household hazardous waste:   paints, pesticides/insecticides/herbicides, batteries (lead acid, lithium, nickel-cadmium, and alkaline), elemental/debris mercury, aerosols, solvents, thinners, flammable/toxic liquids, antifreeze,   motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluids, oil filters, pool chemicals (oxidizers), acidic materials, caustic materials, up to 8 passenger/light truck tires (without rims)-Household Hazardous Waste Collection event for Gillespie County, held periodically.   Call 830.997.7503
  • Lawn mowers, weed eaters, lawn furniture-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Leaf fallings-seasonal curbside pickup by City
  • License plates-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Machinery-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Medications (unwanted and expired) for people and pets and medicated lotions and ointments-ValueMed Pharmacy
  • Metal (all kinds from residence, farms and ranches, commercial businesses)-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash), City Landfill (many metals).   Goodwill now takes metals, but does not take large appliances.
  • Newspaper sleeves-H.E.B.
  • Oil, gasoline, antifreeze and other fluids (including brake and transmission)-FBG Metal Recycling.   Motor oil, transmission fluid, and gear oil-Autozone,  Engine oil and filters-Walmart Automotive.  Motor oil, antifreeze, and coolants-City Landfill.
  • Outer wrap-H.E.B.
  • Packaging peanuts and bubble wrap-LT & Answering Business Services, UPS store
  • Paint-City landfill for a nominal fee.
  • Paper (computer, office , magazine, catalogs, newsprint, telephone books, and gift wrapping)-City recycling centerl.   Can’t make it to City Recycling Center?   Contact Kris Kammlah for convenient pickup for a nominal fee.
  • Paper shredding-Office Max in Kerrville (always call in advance to make sure there is storage capacity)
  • Pipe-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Plastic potters-Natives of Texas
  • Plastic shopping bags-City Recycling Center, Walmart, H.E.B., Walgreens, and Lowes (Kerrville)
  • Plastics (PETE (#1) Plastic & HDPE (#2) only)-City Recycling Center.   Can’t make it to City Recycling Center?   Contact Kris Kammlah for convenient pickup for a nominal fee.
  • Plastics  (#3 – 7) and just about any kind of plastic, including Styrofoam.   Nothing local at this time.   Check back later for future developments.
  • Prescription bottles (empty only)-H.E.B. Pharmacy
  • Satellite dishes-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Steel  Cans-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Styrofoam (packaging only, must be clean)-Alamo Foam
  • Syringes (place in coffee can with lid taped shut)-regular  City trash collection
  • Televisions-Goodwill (click here for details), Best Buy
  • Tin cans-City Recycling Center,  Can’t make it to City Recycling Center?   Contact Kris Kammlah for convenient pickup for a nominal fee.
  • Tin (other)-City Landfill
  • Tires.  City Landfill for a nominal fee.
  • Tree limbs & brush (curbside pickup)-City trash collection
  • Vehicles-FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Waste oil, oil filters, and antifreeze-Chassis by Zach,  City landfill
  • Waste auto fluids (including transmission oil and gasoline)-Chassis by Zach
  • Wine corks and synthetic wine closures (and help fight cancer)-Spec’s Wine, Spirits, and Finer Foods
  • Wire-City Landfill, FBG Metal Recycling (will pay cash)
  • Yard waste (grass clippings, garden waste, weeds, dead plants cleaned from flower beds and gardens, twigs) City landfill.   For people who cannot drive to the landfill, the City has placed a placed a dumpster at the recycling center for dead plants, weeds, vines, and other small yard waste in the dumpster, as space is very limited.  No brush, trash, or plastic bags should be placed in the dumpster.

Finally, don’t forget about composting opportunities.
Keep even from needless waste from going to the Landfill.   See the following links to learn more:

Web links:

Ace Hardware

Alamo Foam (out of town)

Best Buy  (out of town)

Chassis by Zach

Fredericksburg Food Pantry

Fredericksburg Police Department

Fredericksburg Printing and Office Supply

Fredericksburg recycling center and more

Fredericksburg Metal Recycling, 279 Shorty Crenwelge Rd, 830.990.4400.   Also offers free pickup sevices for both small and large volume.

Goodwill Industries

Grape Juice  (in Kerrville)

Griffin Industries

Hill Country CARES

Hill Country Dry Clean Supercenter

Hill Country Community Needs Council

Hill Country Lighting Center (in Kerrville)

Hill Country Memorial (Hospice) Thrift Shop

Holy Ghost Lutheran Church

Hill Country SPCA Resale Store

Home Depot  (Kerrville, etc.)

Kris Kammlah, 830.998.7020, kscskammlah followed by @ at

Lowes (Kerrville, etc.)

LT & Answering Business Services

Natives of Texas (Kerrville area)

Office Max  (Kerrville, etc.)

Radio Shack

Spec’s Wine, Spirits, and Finer Foods (Kerrville, Austin, etc.)

St. Vincent De Paul Society

UPS store

ValuMed Pharmacy


contributed by John Watson and updated most recently on 8/12/2015

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