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Conserving Water: In Your Home or Office

Conserving water is simple and in a few steps you can start positively changing the environment right away! Water is inextricably woven into all aspects of our lives. It grows the foods we eat, cleanses us, provides reprieve from the scorching summer months and relieves our thirst. As populations continue to grow, our water sources become more strained. Though our Earth appears to have an abundance of water, only 1% is usable by people!

Many communities are fortunate to have access to a fresh water source, but there are more still which are reliant on groundwater, aquifers or other alternative means of channeling water. When we use water irresponsibly we are affecting the quality of our existing water sources for ourselves, for our children and for our eco-systems as a whole.

Conserving water in your home starts with something as simple as making conscious choices about your usage. For a greater impact there are many websites available that allow you to do an assessment of your current water usage and provide guides on hot to further your impact by targeting areas which you may not have previously considered. A few small adjustments in your everyday usage of water can make a significant impact. Remember that when you save water, you also save money on your water bills!

Water Conservation Target Areas - Natural Resources Canada 2008

In your Home or Office: Reducing Water Use is Simple!

Here are a few simple steps you can take to make an immediate impact!

  • fix leaky faucets and running toilets
  • replace toilets to take advantage of new 1.5L water-efficient flows (toilets are typically responsible for 26% of household water usage!)
  • be conscious of running water while brushing your teeth or washing dishes
  • reduce shower times and switch to water-efficient shower heads
  • take advantage of low cost water saving retrofitting kits which conveniently package the items you need to easily start conserving water right away!

The Benefits: It makes dollars and sense!

Did You Know: You pay for the electricity it take to process every gallon of water your household uses?

By simply switching to a high efficient toilet you can save up to 20 gallons/day per household! Water saving retro-kits can save you anywhere from 7 – 10 gallons/day per household. These add up quickly to BIG savings in your water and electric bills!

Want to learn more?

The EPA’s Water Sense program outlines even more ways to conserve water and has links to activities that will get kids to start thinking about water!

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a national advocate for water efficiency. Use it to find out how many gallons each of your water-saving actions is really saving! It’s also a great source for finding rebate programs in your specific area! Check it out!

The Agriculture Drought Task Force is an informative site which collects new stories about how droughts are directly affecting the lives of Texans!

Find out which rebates you could be eligible for by become more water efficient!

San Antonio also offers some generous rebates for residential and commercial water conservers.

Other web links:   Water Wiser Drip Calculator  WaterSense Calculator   Texas Water Resources Institute   Texas Water

Contributed by Andrea Lewis | Master of Urban Planning and Policy Candidate | 5/8/2009, revised 3/12/2012 by John Watson


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