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While Texas leads the nation with its potential for producing solar energy, it is lagging behind much cloudier states in actual production of energy from the sun.   Yet, it’s a very exciting time for solar.   Prices have declined precipitously, the 30% federal solar investment tax credit is still available, and more opportunities for financing are becoming available. In order to capitalize on this favorable situation, Fredericksburg SHINES and Public Citizen are working together to establish a solar group purchasing group for Gillespie County.   If you aren’t familiar with the concept or would like to learn more, please visit   The basic idea is to work together to educate each other, raise awareness about solar and save money by contracting in bulk.   For those of you who are considering solar installations for your home, there is an open invitation to join this Gillespie County group.   Solarize Gillespie County meetings are open to the general public, especially those who are seriously interested and have time to commit to helping organize the effort.

Here's an example of an entire neighborhood that has gone solar.  Perhaps a solarize effort could lead to multiple solar installations in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County

Here’s an example of an entire neighborhood that has gone solar. Perhaps a solarize effort could lead to multiple solar installations in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County

This “solarize” effort is an initiative of our community working together to educate each other about solar and capture discounted installation costs by buying in bulk.   Already this solarize group has discovered that substantial discounts in both hardware costs (solar panels and inverters) and installation costs can be gained by contracting with a single company for multiple installations.     Furthermore, being part of a Solarize program offers an excellent educational opportunity.   Educated consumers ask better questions and can make better choices about their solar needs and cost. When education is done through a community solarize program, the cost of doing this one customer at a time is lowered for the company and the discount can be passed on to the consumer. By being part of a solarize program, one can learn more about solar, become more comfortable with the technology, and earn a discount at the same time. “Many people only think of one word when they hear talk about solar energy””expensive,” Kaiba White, representing Public Citizen stated. “Five to 10 years ago, they would have been right. Fortunately, the installed cost of solar energy has plummeted in recent years,” she said, adding that solar is now competitive with traditional energy sources, depending on the time of day. According to White, “solar panels produce energy when we need it most and when electricity prices are highest””on hot, sunny afternoons,” she said. “By reducing demand for other sources of power, solar PV (photovoltaics) brings down costs for everyone, not just those with panels on their own roofs,” she said.   “Not only will we experience cleaner air and water conservation, there are also economic benefits from newly created jobs and eliminated blackouts that delay economic activity from overworked utilities. Remember, solar works best when we need it most: in peak demand times on those hot, sunny days.”

Below are pictures of homes of a few satisfied customers who received significant discounts in installing solar PV by joining this program.
DSCF2727Contact Lighthouse Solar Austin directly to join this exciting solar effort in 2015. There is no cost to join. All that is needed is your contact information and address.