Fredericksburg SHINES

Leading the Way in Sustainability


Volunteers can donate as much or as little time as they wish and on whatever schedule they desire.   We have volunteers who are interested in only one application or who want to serve in just one or two projects. We are super appreciative of any help offered, as we can always use help in “spreading the word”. We are needing increasing administrative help in our office, in communications, on our web site, with social media, help in research, making phone calls and running errands. Much of the required work can be done from the volunteers’ homes, particularly by those who have access to a telephone and/or the Internet.

Each volunteer brings unique talents to the organization based on individual experience and interests.   Volunteer with us and join the effort to make Fredericksburg and the surrounding area the center of sustainability in Texas!

Click here to take survey, then  contact  us  and let us know you filled out the survey so we can respond to your interest promptly. Otherwise, if you don’t let us know that you filled out the survey, it may be a long while until we reply to your interest since we generally view survey results only once a month.